TIG Sports – Get Ready For The Best

TIG Sports – Get Ready For The Best
1 Get Ready For Sailing & Sustainability
2 Organizing a major event
3 Get ready to perform
4 Welcome to The Hague

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In Get Ready For The Best you hear the inspiring stories of the best sailors, top athletes from other disciplines and organizers building up to the Allianz Sailing World Championships coming August in The Hague, The Netherlands. An event where sailors from 86 countries show their pace and talent and where the stakes are high.

In four episodes Dutch sports journalist Chris Wobben talks with his guests about the beauty of facing the elements, handling the pressure and dealing with other challenges that the sports comes across like accessibility and sustainability.

The Allianz Sailing World Championships will be from August 10th until August 20th 2023 in The Hague. For more information visit: https://allianzsailingworlds.com/.
Get Ready For The Best is powered by Allianz.

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Release Date
5 July
Chris Wobben


Get Ready For Sailing & Sustainability
What is the magic of sports on water? How do you become a top athlete? And how do you organize an event in a sustainable way? In this first episode Chris Wobben invites Alexandra Rickham, five-time Parasailing Champion and nowadays head of sustainability at World Sailing and Olympic Champion windsurfing Kiran Badloe.
Organizing a major event
In this second episode Chris Wobben invites two organizers from big sporting events: Arno van Gerven, director of the Royal Dutch Watersport Association and Jan Lammers, sports director of the Dutch Grand Prix. They will talk about their passion for sports, the motivation to promote sports, how they deal with the dilemmas they face in their work, organizing big events and much more.
Get ready to perform
In this episode World Sailing Champions Odile van Aanholt and James Peters share their experiences about the moment to be at your finest: game day. How do they handle the pressure and prepare for the day they must perform?
Welcome to The Hague
In this fourth and last episode Chris Wobben invites one of the greatest Dutch sailors ever: Marit Bouwmeester and alderman of sports of The Hague Hilbert Bredemeijer. They introduce host city The Hague in The Netherlands as a playground of the upcoming Sailing World Championships. What does organizing such an event bring to a place and how do they try to make sailing and surfing more accessible for everyone?

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